Harris Partnership, L.l.p.

Domestic Regtd. Ltd. Liability Partnership
Not Available

Harris Partnership, L.l.p. details

Harris Partnership, L.l.p.
Domestic Regtd. Ltd. Liability Partnership
Register Date
612 22ND ST S BIRMINGHAM, AL 35233
Not Available
Purchase/sell/own/build/alter/repair/etc Real/personal Property
Principal mailing address
612 22nd St S Birmingham, Al 35233
Place of formation
Jefferson County
Martin, Carla V
Registered office street address
612 22nd St S Birmingham, Al 35233
3-12-1998 Articles Of Formation 2 Pgs.
2-18-1999 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
1-11-2000 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
2-16-2001 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
2-13-2002 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
3-24-2003 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
2-4-2004 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
2-20-2004 Merger 12 Pgs.
2-24-2005 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
3-6-2006 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
3-1-2007 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
2-4-2008 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
2-10-2009 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
3-2-2010 Miscellaneous Entry 1 Pg.
3-8-2011 Annual Notice 2 Pgs.
Transactions table
Transaction Date 2-18-1999
Miscellaneous Filing Entry ANNUAL NOTICE FILED
Transaction Date 1-11-2000
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2000 ANNUAL NOTICE
Transaction Date 2-16-2001
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2001 ANNUAL NOTICE
Transaction Date 2-13-2002
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2002 ANNUAL NOTICE
Transaction Date 3-24-2003
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2003 ANNUAL NOTICE FILED
Transaction Date 2-4-2004
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2004 ANNUAL REPORT
Transaction Date 2-20-2004
Legal Name Merged Storage Depot, Inc.
Transaction Date 2-24-2005
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2005 ANNUAL NOTICE
Transaction Date 3-6-2006
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2006 ANNUAL NOTICE
Transaction Date 3-1-2007
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2007 ANNUAL NOTICE
Transaction Date 2-4-2008
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Transaction Date 2-10-2009
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2009 ANNUAL REPORT
Transaction Date 3-2-2010
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2010 ANNUAL NOTICE
Transaction Date 3-8-2011
Miscellaneous Filing Entry 2011 ANNUAL NOTICE
Registered office mailing address
612 22nd St S Birmingham, Al 35233

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